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ROUTES 2 Better Serve Southern Brooklyn:

The Brooklyn bus route and service modifications described here are designed to improve bus service by making it more efficient and reliable. These proposals are the result of numerous years of thought and discussions.

We present it to stimulate discussion. In the event that some of the proposed modifications are not acceptable, various alternatives are possible. 

These proposals provide improved direct service and improved connections to buses and subways while minimizing inconvenience.

It seeks to take underutilized routes such as the B2, B9, B13, B16, B23, B31, B64, B69, and B70 and make them more productive by rerouting and extending them to major traffic generators.

Rather than merely proposing additional service that would not be acceptable to New York City Transit, we are suggesting service increases and balanced by decreases within each community so that the final operating cost will not be significantly more to operate than the current system (excluding airport services).

The improved service and connections should stimulate ridership thereby justifying future bus service increases.


The Committee for Better Transit is a forty-one-year-old New York Metropolitan independent transit advocacy organization comprised of transit experts and users which seeks cost effective user-friendly solutions to transit challenges


Why Action is Needed Now:

The emphasis has to be on improvement, not on cost cutting.  If the communities and elected officials do not make their needs known, we will continue to have the same inefficient system we have had for years.
See Government Sites on the Links Page to locate your local elected officials and obtain e-mail addresses for them.