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The Committee for Better Transit is a forty-one-year-old New York Metropolitan independent transit advocacy organization comprised of transit experts and users which seeks cost effective user-friendly solutions to transit challenges

How to Become a Member

The Committee for Better Transit currently is undergoing a reorganization since the untimely death of its president and founder Dr. Stephen B. Dobrow. 

Click here to learn more about Steve:

This website is dedicated to Steve's memory.
Details about membership and dues will be forthcoming at a future date.

Become an Advocate

If you like the ideas presented here, let your local legislators know and ask for their support.   If communities and elected officials do not make their needs known, we will continue to have the same innefficient bus system we have had for years.

What We Do

  • We fought vigorously against the JFK AirTrain and support reactivation of the Rockaway Line.


  • We support revitalization of the Bay Ridge Division of the Long Island Rail Road for freight and mass transit use, possibly a light rail line. 


  • We were one of the first to advocate a MetroCard like program capable of providing reduced fares and free transfers, i.e., long before it became fashionable. We also support unlimited rides within a two-hour time frame, like in many cities throughout Europe, to truly eliminate two-fare zones because not everyone can afford a monthly pass.   

Let us know what you think of the ideas presented here.

Contact us at: