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     Do not shorten the western end of the B4 to 3rd Av and do not lengthen the western end of the B9 on Shore Road.  Instead, extend the proposed B86 south along Shore Road.

     Do not eliminate the B7.  Leave the B82 on Flatlands Ave and terminate the B16 at Sutter Ave Sta. instead of Bway / Saratoga.

     Terminate the proposed B1 at Kings Plaza and continue operating B3 to Bergen Bch.

      Operate the proposed B2 along Avenue U instead of along Avenue R.

     Terminate the proposed B2 at 25 Avenue and continue operating the B3 to Harway Avenue or extend B3 to the Best Buy Shopping Center.

      Leave the B6 unchanged and do not extend the B60.

      Operate the new B66 along Harway Ave.

      Do not reroute the B9 to Bergen Beach.  Do not combine the B2 with the Bay Ridge Ave portion of the B1.  Instead combine the Bay Ridge Ave portion of the B1 with the existing B23 (new B21) and do not extend McDonald Ave service on 16th Ave.

     Extend the B36 to Kings Plaza instead of providing a new service along Knapp St.

     Increase service on the B13 instead of  reviving and extending the B18.

     Extend new B10 to W 37 St or begin new B5 at W37 St and run along Brighton Beach Av to Coney Island Ave to Ave Z and proposed route to Kings Plaza and run alternate B36s to Stillwell Ave.

     Operate proposed B67 along McDonald and Church Aves and B69 on Prospect Pk West, Coney Island Av & Church Avenue.

      Replace Rogers/Bedford portion of B49 with B19 to also directly serve Crown Heights and Flatbush.


Have the B22 Airport route exit the Belt Parkway at  Flatbush Avenue instead of Knapp St and operate along Flatbush Avenue to Avenue U instead of along Knapp St.


ROUTES 2 Better Serve Southern Brooklyn