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Proposal E -- East Flatbush / Flatbush Services

(B12, B16, B43, B49, New B50)

A service gap along Empire Blvd makes bus travel rather difficult in this area. Many destinations along Empire Blvd such as the Prospect Park Zoo are difficult to access from East Flatbush.

The B35 and B12 are heavily utilized because there are no other alternatives for East / West travel in this area.

Split the B49 into two routes, the B49 and a new B50

The B49 route would remain unchanged and a new B50 would operate the entire length of Ocean Avenue.

The B50 would then veer eastward and serve the entire length of Empire Blvd terminating at Utica Ave. (An additional advantage of the B50 is that it would also provide an alternative to the B and Q trains during a service disruption permitting access back to the train at Prospect Park.) We are suggesting that it operate Limited Stop only on the portion of the route where it parallels the B49 when warranted such as rush hours and when there is heavy  demand for service to Kingsborough Community College and the beach.

The B43 would continue south to Kings County Hospital rather than using Empire Blvd.

o Kings County Hospital is a more appropriate terminal for this route than Prospect Park increasing access to this hospital from Crown Heights.

The B12 would be rerouted along Empire Blvd and Nostrand/Rogers to also terminate at Kings County Hospital, the primary destination for many of its passengers.

The B16 would be rerouted eastward along the entire length of Clarkson Ave providing a new important east / west route in East Flatbush relieving crowding on the B35 Church Avenue route and reducing walking distances to the buses and indirect travel. It would terminate at the Sutter Avenue Station of the 3 line unless Proposal K is implemented first. (See Proposal K.)


Proposal F -- Flatlands Services
(B9, B11, B41)

Reroute the B9 from Kings Plaza to Av N in Old Mill Basin and reduce the B41 Bergen Beach Branch to rush hours only.

Also extending the B11 to the Georgetown Shopping Center which currently has no east/west access.

These changes provide old Mill Basin / Flatlands and Georgetown with access to two subway lines (IRT Nostrand 2 5 and the Brighton B or  Q) instead of only one line. This greatly improves access to these areas.


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