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A1   JFK Airport Via B19 

(B6, B20, New B 19)

A2   JFK Airport Via New B22 Limited  

                 (New B22 Limited)


A new B19 local route from Flatbush/Nostrand primarily along Flatlands Ave and Linden Blvd to JFK Airport. Alternate buses would terminate at the GPO Post Office in Spring Creek.

It would replace the B6 along Avenue H which would be rerouted to Glenwood Rd.

It would serve the E105 St Station of the L Line, which currently is not served by a bus and was suggested at the outreach sessions of the NYMTC Southern Brooklyn TIS Study.

(Also, if it is decided not to extend the Nostrand Ave subway, you could ramp down to the Flatbush Ave Station to have the Airport bus as well as the Q35 on the same level as the train for easy transferring.)



A new limited B22 Airport Service from Bay Ridge primarily along the Belt Parkway to JFK operating at hourly or half-hourly intervals..

(A permit to operate on the Belt Parkway would have to be granted from the Department of Transportation.) 

Rationale for Proposal:

There is currently no mass transit access from this area of Brooklyn to JFK.  The only Brooklyn route serving JFK, the B15, is not accessible from Southern Brooklyn.  Taking a bus or buses to the Fulton Street A or C train and the Airtrain requires from 3 to 5 vehicles.

This proposal provides 1 or 2 vehicle access from Southern Brooklyn with a much shorter travel time to JFK than presently possible at an affordable operating cost.

Proposed Route and Stops:

      The route would begin at 4th Avenue and 86th Street in Bay Ridge.

o       It would operate along 4th Avenue to the Belt Parkway, exit to the service road to stop at Bay Parkway, return to the Parkway and exit again at Ocean Parkway for a second stop.

o       It would exit again at Knapp Street, turn onto Knapp Street and stop again at Avenue W.

o       It would turn onto Gerritsen Avenue and Avenue U, stopping at Kings Plaza, then turn onto Mill Avenue, and Ralph Avenue stopping at Avenue N, and at Ralph and Flatlands Avenues.

o       It would turn onto Flatlands Avenue, stopping at E 80th St.

o       It then turns on E 80th St and Seaview Avenue stopping at Rockaway Parkway and turn there to reenter the Belt Parkway and operate from there non-stop to JFK.

o       (An alternative routing making fewer stops would use the Flatbush Avenue exit instead of Knapp St.  If additional stops are desired, the service road from Ocean Parkway to Knapp Street could be used instead of the Parkway.)

      In the reverse (westbound) direction, the bus would exit the Belt Parkway at Cropsey Avenue and reenter at Bay Parkway after stopping there.



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