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Proposal J -- Split B4 service into 2 Overlapping Routes
(B4, B9, New B5)

Split the B4 into two overlapping routes to make service more reliable: (CB 15 has been asking for this)

The B4 from Bay Ridge to Sheepshead Bay.

    And the B5 from Keyspan Park to Plumb Beach and providing a new service on Knapp Street and Avenue U to Kings Plaza.

    Cutback the lightly used western end of the B4 between 3rd Avenue and Narrows Avenue (which the residents on 77th and 78th Street have been asking for),

      And replacing it with an extension of the B9 at its western end along the length of Shore Road. (The B16 would be cutback to 4th Avenue and 86th Street.)

    This would provide access to the 59th Street express station for the western end of Bay Ridge and Fort Hamilton.


Proposal K -- New B81 Limited Stop to Gateway Center (B7, B16, B47, New B81 Limited)

New limited B81 along Flatlands Ave, replacing the B6 Limited, to provide direct or connecting access from most of Southern Brooklyn to the entire Gateway Center.

      The route would operate from Coney Island Avenue along Kings Highway and Flatlands Avenue as the B82 presently operates, then turn south on Lousiana Ave and operate on Vandalia Ave, Flatlands Ave, Schenck Ave, Vandalia Ave and Gateway Drive terminating near the Brooklyn Developmental Center.


     To keep operating costs manageable to operate this new service, it is proposed that the B82 be rerouted from Flatlands Avenue to Kings Highway from Flatlands Avenue to Avenue H, then operate along Avenue H, Glenwood Rd, Ralph Ave back to Flatlands Avenue.  It is also proposed that the B47 be rerouted from Remsen and Ralph Avenues between Kings Highway and Beverley Road to Kings Highway.  This would enable the elimination of the B7 south of Beverley Road.  (The B81 could be implemented without these other modifications, but it would be much more expensive.)



(Map assumes Proposal E is implemented first.  If not, the southern terminus of the B7 would be at Beverley Rd.) 

Proposal L -- New Ave L Service in Canarsie (B6, B19, B60)

Reroute the B6 from Flatlands Av to Ave L in Canarsie to better serve the Avenue L Commercial Strip and  a greater portion of the Canarsie population with less transferring and reducing walking distances to buses.

    o Flatlands Ave would be served by a new B19 (discussed in Proposal A1) and the proposed limited stop B81 ( discussed in Proposal K) along with the existing B82.

    o The eastern end of the B6 would be served by extending the B60 (Rockaway Ave) Route.

 (If the B103 is extended to Gateway Center as is currently proposed by DOT, the route should operate along Avenue L instead of Avenue M and eliminate doubling back along Avenue J.  If midday and weekend service were to operate at 10 or 15 minute intervals, this proposal would not be necessary and the B6 could maintain its present route.)


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