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Proposal G -- Gerritsen Beach / Gravesend Services
(B31, New B2)

Extending the B31 (renumbered B2 on the map) south along Coney Island Avenue and west along Avenue X, 86 Street, 25th Avenue and Harway Avenue to the new Best Buy (formerly Cesars Bay/ Kmart Shopping Center).

The B3 would be cut back to its former terminus at 25th Avenue and 86th Street.

This would provide Gerritsen Beach residents with 1 or 2-bus access to the entire Southern Brooklyn.

It would turn the B31, which is virtually unused outside of rush hours into a viable route.

This also would improve bus service in Gravesend, an issue raised at the NYMTC 2002 outreach meetings for the Southern Brooklyn Transportation Investment Study.


Proposal H -- B64 / B70 Combination (Assumes Prior Implementation of Proposal B) (B64, B70, New B66)

Combining two weak routes, the B64 and the B70 into a new B66. (Also proposing to relocate it from Bath Ave to Cropsey Ave west of 18th Avenue and from Harway to Bath Avenue.)

This increases the numbers of trips that can be made with one bus, better serves the VA Hospital and Costco.

       Routing is simplified in the Ulmer Park area and Lafayette HS is better served.


      Operating a combined service along Cropsey Avenue of the B66 and the B8 provides more frequent service to the D  and R trains.



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