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B1   From Shore Rd / Bay Ridge Av via 13 Ave-65 St-Av P.  Absorbs existing B2 to Kings Plaza then via existing B3 route to E 74 St / Av X. Also see B21 and B86.

B2   Replaces B31.  From K-Mart Shopping Ctr. via Cropsey  Av-25 Ave-86 St-Av X-CI Av-Av U to Gerritsen Bch.

B3   From 25 Av via U to Kings Plaza.  Also see B1 and B2 above.

B4   From 3 Ave / 78 St via existing B4 route to Sheepshead Bay Sta. (Also see B5 below.)

B5   From W 17 St / Surf via Stillwell-Neptune-W 6 St-Av Z-Ocean Av-Emmons- Knapp-Av U to Kings Plaza.

B6   Rerouted from Flatlands Av to E 80 St-Av L-E 105 St-Seaview to E 108 St. Flatlands Av Limited Stop provided by B81. (Also see B60)

B7 Replaced by B16,  B47 and B82.

B8 Alt buses from 18 Av / 86 St to Brookdale Hospital.

B9 From Shore Rd / 101 St via Shore Rd-3 Av-60 St-Aves M/N to Av U / E 71 St.

B10   Replaces southern portion of B68.  From Maimonides Hospital via portion of B11 route & CI Av to Coney Island (Stillwell Av.)

B11   Extended from Brooklyn College via Aves J-K to Av K/ Ralph Av (Georgetown Shopping Center).

B12 From Kings County Hospital via Nostrand/Rogers-Empire Blvd- ENY Av via existing route past Sheridan Av to Cross Bay Blvd via Q7 route.  Also see B16 and B43.

B13  Returned to former route in Ridgewood.

B14  Extended to Gateway Center via Forbell St (when all streets are fully opened).

B16 From 4 Av / 86 St via 86 St-Ft Hamilton Pkwy-Caton Av-Ocean Av-Clarkson Av, Rockaway Pkway, Lenox Rd and existing B7 route to Broadway / Saratoga.  (also see B9 and B21.)

B18   Reinstituted and extended to Gateway Center via B13 route.

B19    New Route to JFK Airport from Flatbush / Nostrand via NY / Nostrand, Av D, then Albany-Glenwood-Flatlands-Rockaway Pkway-Foster via 105 St Sta-Av D-Linden Blvd to JFK.

B21 From 86 St/4 Av via 86 St-13 Av/14 Av-39St-Cortelyou-Flatbush-Beverley-NY / Nostrand Av-Av D-Kings Hway to Beverley Rd.

B22 New Limited Stop Route to JFK Airport from Bay Ridge via Belt Pkwy-Knapp St-Ave U-Mill / Ralph Aves.-Flatlands Ave-E80 St-Seaview-Rockaway Pkway-Belt to JFK.

B23 Replaced by B21 and B69.

B31 See B2 above.

B41 Bergen Beach branch operates rush hours only. Alternate buses Downtown Bklyn to Kings

Hway.  (Also see B9.)

B42 Alternate peak hour buses to Seaview Av/ E 108 St.   (Off-peak, northbound buses could divert to E 108 St.)

B43 Existing route from Greenpoint to Empire Blvd then via Kingston/Albany Aves to Kings County Hosp. (Also see B50.)

B47 Rerouted to Kings Highway between Rockaway Pkway and Beverley Road.

B50 From Utica Ave / Empire Blvd via Empire-Ocean Ave to Manhattan Beach.  Limited Stop when warranted on route portion parallelling B49.

B60 Extended from Williams Ave via existing B6 route to New Lots Ave Station.

B64 Replaced by B66.  Also see B21 and B86.

B65 Extended via Liberty Av via Pa Av-Bway-Van Sinderen to Bway Junction.  Return Williams Pl. and E New York Av.

B66 Combines existing B70 and B64 routes with minor rerouting.

B67 Extended via McDonald Ave and Church Ave to include northern portion of B68 to Kings Highway.

B68 Replaced by extended B67 and new B10.

B69 Extended over former B23 from Cortelyou Rd and McDonald Ave via Cortelyou Rd and 16 Ave to 62 St.

B70 Replaced by B66.  Rerouted to Fort Hamilton Parkway between 60 St and 86 St.

B81 Limited Stop route from Kings Hway/ Brighton Sta primarily via B82 route to Gateway Center.

B82 Partial rerouting via existing B7. Also extended from Starrett City to Brooklyn Sports Club.

B83  Extended from Starrett City to Gateway Center via Belt Parkway.

B86 From Shore Rd via 86 St. to Manhattan Beach.  (Alternate buses between 18 Av & Manhattan Beach.) Also see B1.

Q7 Replaced by B12 between Euclid Av and Cross Bay Blvd.

Q8 Extended to Gateway Center.


B103 operated by Command Bus Inc. is not shown on map.  Other routes remain unchanged. 

Routes 2 Better Serve Southern Brooklyn