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Proposal -- Seaview Village Service / Seaview Ave Branch of B42 (B42)

Add rush hour branch to the B42 along Seaview Ave to E 108 St.

The B17 which currently serves Seaview Avenue does not provide direct service to the L Canarsie Line.  A transfer to the B42 is required.  Ridership data shows that potential customers will resist making a bus transfer if they must also transfer to a subway.  Further, since the L train serves a very limited area of Manhattan, virtually all L train riders require at least one additional train line to reach their destination.  Therefore, many Seaview Villlage residents currently are required to take two buses and two or three trains to reach their destination and have to walk over a quarter-mile to access a bus that goes to the nearest subway line which is the L train.  Their only other choice is to drive or utilize the infrequently operated B103

  There is enough service on the B42 during rush hours to split the service between the last three blocks of Rockaway Parkway and Seaview Avenue without severely impacting current riders and greatly improving accessibility.

l      The current B42 rush hour headway is every 3 to 4 minutes.  Splitting the service would require residents of the mid-rise housing south of Seaview Avenue to wait an average of one and a half to two extra minutes for a bus, or a maximum of four extra minutes on a short route with high service reliability.  Since only the first two stops of the route are affected, the reduced headway will not adversely affect crowding since there is ample capacity on the buses for the additional passengers.


This proposal would reduce the number of vehicles customers are required to take to make a trip.  Although the mileage along Seaview Avenue is about 600 feet longer than the current route, the additional running time is the same, approximately three minutes.  Therefore the operating cost is not increased.


   B42 Seaview Avenue service would provide direct bus service to the L  line for an additional 12 square blocks of Seaview Village. Although MTA New York City Transit may consider operating two bus routes on Seaview Avenue as duplicative, residents that would be served by the  B42 proposed branch currently are beyond the quarter-mile service area to a bus route that provides service to the L  line, the only subway line serving Canarsie.  The additional revenue provided would increase the profitability of the B42 or reduce its loss


        During non-rush hours, northbound buses could be diverted along Seaview Avenue to E 108th Street, turn-around, operate along Seaview Avenue back to Rockaway Parkway and continue their normal route. 

l   This would add about 5 minutes to the northbound trip for passengers boarding at the first two stops near the Belt Parkway.  Operating a branch during non-rush hours instead would add 10 minutes on both trips.







Proposal T -- B65 Extension to Broadway Junction (B65)

Extending the B65 to replace the loss of the B40 when the B40 and B78 were combined.

Since the B40 was discontinued, it is no longer possible for B45 and B65 passengers to transfer to an east-west bus at Ralph Avenue to travel further east. The B65 should be extended along St Johns Place and Liberty Avenue to Broadway Junction or as a minimum south on Ralph Avenue to East New York Avenue and Howard Avenue to connect with the B12.


Phasing in the Changes

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